by Zerapro, 1129 days ago

For AQ40 and future content Honorable is recruiting players of every class.
Raiding times during progress: Wednesday + Monday from 7-11pm.
Raiding times when content is on farm: Wednesday + Monday from 7-9pm.

For more information check our FAQs or contact us ingame. We're a bunch of dedicated, experienced but also funny and nice people, so don't be shy!:)


High Demand:

1 Rogue

1-2 Holy Paladins

2 Warlocks

1 Resto Druid

2 Mages

2 Priests

1 Hunter

1 Tank or DPS Warrior

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by Zerapro, 1250 days ago

I'm proud to announce that today, managed to kill Nefarian and clear all the currently available content! Today, we killed EVERY boss first try! 

Thanks to everyone who participated in our progress raids; and especially today's raid! Awesome job! 

See? Shit can be so easy! Now it's time to farm best in slot gear, get a PvP premade group running and of course, get ready for AQ40.

We're still looking for players of EVERY class, regardless of your current gear and/or level. If you want to raid with a bunch of very skilled, experienced and nice players (and some retards<3) feel free to apply or contact anyone of our guild ingame. Looking forward to your application!



 Like 3 months ago, when we started that guild, me and some friends talked about killing Nefarian and how epic it would be to relive some classic content. *nostalgia*

MC, ZG, Onyxia, BWL: done, yay!

AQ20, AQ40, Naxxramas: COME AT ME BRO


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BWL 7/8, Nefarian 41 %

by Zerapro, 1252 days ago

Good News everyone! After our ID got banned last week, for "abusing" alt+f4 to farm Hourglass Sand, we finally killed Chromaggus. Good job!


Afterwards we had some Nefarian attempts. Those weren't too bad, as you can see in the screenshot below. 8/8 inc. next ID.

Nefarian 41 %

We're still recruiting EVERY class! That's your chance! Upper left corner -> "Apply to Site" -> gg :)

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BWL 6/8: Flamegor DOWN, Chromaggus 8 %

by Zerapro, 1264 days ago

Flamegor DOWN! Plus, we almost killed Chromaggus. Our hunters did quite a good job at Flamegor today, so he went down in the first try. After few Chromaggus attempts, our tanks and hunters executed the strategy perfectly and we got him to 8 %. Then, unfortunately we couldn't do any further attempts since we ran out of Hourglass Sands.

BWL 8/8 soon! We're still recruiting players of EVERY class! Feel free to apply RIGHT NOW or whisper Zeraton or anyone else of Honorable ingame for more information!.




Chromaggus 8 %: Full Size


By the way: HI INSIDIOUS!It's us! /wave


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BWL 5/8!

by Zerapro, 1272 days ago

Yesterday we managed to kill Lootlord, Firemaw and Ebonroc! All of them in the second try. Also, it was our first raid where everyone was able to stay until 11pm; no "disconnects". Keep up that good work & dedication people<3

We're still recruiting btw! Take your chance and APPLY NOW!

Unfortunately I forgot to take a Ebonroc kill screenshot and I can only provide the following:

Full Size:





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